For communications equipment operating on dc power, the Protection Technology Group offers surge suppressors that incorporate fast acting, superior performance, and high reliability surge suppression elements

  • 12 Vdc Surge Suppressor

    12 Vdc

    12 Vdc surge protective devices are available through PolyPhaser and Transtector Systems engineered to industry standards and designed to support network requirements

  • 24 Vdc Surge Suppressor

    24 Vdc

    24 Vdc surge protective devices designed to support dc surge protection requirements from the tower top to the network's edge

  • 48 Vdc Surge Suppressor

    48 Vdc

    Transtector Systems, and PolyPhaser offer 48 Vdc surge protective TVSS devices  engineered to support communications equipment operating on dc power.

  • High Voltage DC

    High voltage SPD/TVSS devices engineered by PolyPhaser are designed using fast acting superior performance and high reliability suppression technology.

  • low voltage dc surge protector

    Low Voltage DC

    PolyPhaser and DOWIN offer low voltage dc surge protective devices designed to IEC, IEEE, UL, ANSI and NEC standards. From the tower top to the network's edge, we have a dc SPD to meet every application