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CCTV Surge Protector

Transtector offers CCTV surge and lightning protection  solutions for CCTV-Video-Coax will save you camera and recording equipment repair and replacement costs. Engineered for effective safeguarding and maximized performance of your surveillance system, Transtector’s CCTV-Video-Coax designs incorporate our proprietary non-degrading, fast acting, high performance silicon avalanche suppressor diodes (SASD) surge protection. Our CCTV-Video-Coax solutions come in multiple voltage configurations with RS-422-420ma, RS-232, RS-485, 4 wire BNC screw terminal block and AMP power lock connectors. Voltage configurations include:

  • 7.5 Vdc
  • 12 Vdc
  • 24 Vdc
  • 90 Vdc
  • 160 Vdc
Product Number Product Description Connector Protocol/Application
CCTV PTZ Surge Protector 1101-607-1 CCTV PTZ Surge Protector Coax 24 V ac/dc and RS-232 Video, RS-232 CCTV PTZ Surge Protector
CCTV PTZ 4 Surge Protector 1101-613 CCTV PTZ 4 Surge Protector Coax and RS-232/422/485 Video, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 CCTV PTZ 4 Surge Protector
TCP CCTV MF Surge Protector 1101-810 TCP CCTV MF Surge Protector BNC Type Male/Female CCTV TCP CCTV MF Surge Protector