Low PIM, dc block coaxial protector


Low PIM, dc block coaxial protector

The TSX-DFM is a weatherized DC block ultra low PIM, bi-directional operation coaxial RF protector with DIN female and DIN male connectors for microwave radios operating between 698 MHz and 2.7 GHz @ -26dB Return Loss

Specifications for TSX-DFM

Mount Type

Bulkhead Mount Bi-Directional


CE Compliant, IEC 60529 IP67, Bellcore #TA-NWT-000487

Max Surge Current

40 kA

Frequency Range

698 to 2.7 GHz @ -26dB return loss

Protected Side Connector

Connector Interface 1

Surge Side Connector

Connector Interface 2

Insertion Loss

≤0.1 dB

RF Power

750 W

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