Motorola R56 Standard Surge Protection

R56 standards and guidelines bring surge protection to new levels of performance, safety and reliability. Transtector's surge protection for data line, RF, ac and dc Motorola products meet or exceed the R56 standard. We provide advanced surge protection designed to Motorola's Guidelines for Communication Sites including Canopy, wi 4 WiMAX, wi 4 Mesh, Motorola PTP radios and base stations applications. Transtector offers R56 Type-1 AC Panel Protection, Type-2 AC Panel Protection and Type-3 Dedicated Circuit Protection.

Transtector's Type-3 surge protectors include Motorola R56 recognized 120 volt rack mounted power protection strips and hard wire ac circuit protectors. In addition, R56 Telephone and Network Surge Protectors are designs include T1/E1, PoE, GbE, 10/100Base-T(X), DS3, RS-232, and dc communication signal surge protection.

This is a sampling of our Motorola R56 compliant power and signal integrity products. Please contact our Motorola support group for your specific need today, 1.800.841.5618. We are happy to provide Motorola R56 Radio Parts Division part numbers and R56 Motorola Drop Ship Part numbers.

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